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There’s no doubt about it. A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home, and a wonderful excuse to join together and enjoy the company of your loved ones. However, fire is dangerous, and the only thing that’s standing between you and danger is your chimney system.

Ellicott Chimney Cleaning offers chimney inspection services. Our chimney inspections can prevent further damage and detect problems with chimneys throughout Ellicott City, Maryland, Benson, Maryland, Woodstock, Maryland, Columbia, Maryland, West Friendship, Maryland, and surrounding cities.

An annual chimney inspection is as essential as an annual chimney cleaning, if not more so. We offer chimney inspections on three different levels. We are the most trusted chimney inspection company in Ellicott City, Maryland for many years now.

Breakdowns in your chimney system are not always apparent, and several homeowners think that an unused fireplace is problem-free. One of the most dangerous situations is when homeowners assume that it’s ready to use. However, deterioration of the chimney system could have occurred since the last usage, or there could be a blockage in the system.

These unseen issues can lead to a house fire or can expose the household to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. Several serious and fatal house fires which occur in the U.S every year involve the use of a neglected fireplace for the first time in a long while.

Repair Chimney Damage As Soon As Possible

It’s always important to repair a damaged chimney as soon as you discover it, to avoid a potential house fire. Sometimes, the only way to know that you need chimney repair is through a chimney inspection.

A chimney inspection task is different from chimney cleaning because the focus of the work is not the same. It’s a good idea to have a chimney inspection first because the chimney sweep may find that a chimney cleaning isn’t needed quite yet. Even if you rarely use a well-maintained fireplace, it is still recommended to confirm that the chimney has not undergone any type of damage since the last chimney inspection.

Levels of Chimney Inspections

When you think of a fire in that fireplace, it can mean comfort, warmth, and safety. Nothing compares to the relaxing feeling of sitting by a warm fire in the comfort of your home on a cold, chilly night.

However, as responsible homeowners, you should never take fire safety for granted. Before using your fireplace, you must have a chimney inspection to ensure that your chimney is not a fire hazard.

Below are the three inspection levels set by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). These are the standards upon which we base our work.

Level 1 Chimney Inspection

A level 1 chimney inspection is the most common type of chimney inspection. If you have used your fireplace regularly in the past without experiencing any problems, a level 1 inspection will suffice. 

With a level 1 inspection, our chimney technician will examine the readily accessible parts of your chimney. We will perform a visual inspection using a flashlight, examining all areas of your chimney and flue that can be viewed without using any special tools. 

Some of the chimney parts that we examine in a level 1 inspection include:

  • Portions of the chimney exterior
  • Portions of the chimney interior
  • Accessible portions of the appliance and chimney connection

Our chimney technician will be examining your chimney to ensure that the basic structure is intact and there are no visible signs of damage. In this level of inspection, we will also verify that there are no obstructions or combustible materials in your chimney.

Level 2 Chimney Inspection

If you are planning to change the way you use your chimney, such as changing the type of fuel used, relining the flue, or if you’ve had any accidents or external events that may have caused damage, a level 2 chimney inspection is needed. If you’ve had a building fire, chimney fire, or an earthquake, you will need to have a level 2 inspection performed. Moreover, a level 2 inspection of the chimney is needed before you sell your property.

A level 2 inspection is more detailed than a level 1. A level 2 chimney inspection includes all of the visual examination included in a level 1 inspection and some additional work including examination of the attic, crawlspace, and other accessible areas. 

In a level 2 inspection, we will use a video camera or other device may be used to examine the flue and check for cracks or damage to the joints in the chimney’s structure. There should be no removal of the structure or permanent damage caused to your chimney in a level 2 inspection.

Level 3 Chimney Inspection

Level 3 chimney inspection is the most comprehensive type of chimney inspection. Aside from all of the activities performed in level 1 and level 2 inspections, a level 3 will also examine the concealed areas of the chimney. It also includes the removal of certain parts of the building or chimney structure if necessary.

For instance, the chimney crown or parts of the interior chimney wall may have to be removed to perform the in-depth inspection required for a level 3. This inspection is usually done when serious damage to the chimney is suspected.

What’s Included in Our Chimney Inspection

Most of the calls we get are from property owners who are unsure if their fireplace is still safe to use or how often they should clean their chimney. When you call Ellicott Chimney Cleaning, we will send a certified technician to your home to inspect the interior and exterior of the chimney and fireplace. The result of our inspection will let you know if the firebox, smoke chamber, flue pipes, and caps are in good working condition.

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