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    Does your house smell like smoke, even if you don’t have a fire? Do you have a foul smell coming from your fireplace? If your answers are yes, it could mean that your chimney is lined with creosote, which is the soot byproduct of burning wood.

    Ellicott Chimney Cleaning has been providing professional chimney cleaning services for many years. We proudly serve all properties throughout Ellicott City, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. Our team uses only the best, field-proven equipment and procedures to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your home after we completed our work.

    Our certified technicians can immediately clear out the crusty, dangerous, highly combustible creosote and soot, and gently remove any unwanted critters within your stack. We can clean all types of fireplaces and chimneys. We guarantee to leave your home and yard as good or in better condition than we arrived.

    Exceptional Chimney Cleaning and Other Services

    When your chimney is properly maintained, your fireplace is a source of enjoyment and warmth, and a beautiful centerpiece of the home. However, when neglected, it can become a shelter for animals, a hidden source of water damage, and a major fire hazard. That’s why it’s essential to keep your fireplace in proper working condition. 

    When you come to us for annual service or chimney repair, you can be confident in our ability to deliver exceptional service at the best price. Our attention to detail, quality products, and thorough process have made us the most trusted chimney cleaning company in Ellicott City, Maryland.

    What are the Benefits of Chimney Cleaning?

    Few features make a home more welcoming than a fireplace. However, this amenity comes with some distinct maintenance responsibilities because all of the smoke and soot created in a fireplace exits through the chimney. For this reason, chimney cleaning is important.

    Below are some of the benefits of chimney cleaning.

    Prevents Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas. However, it can be fatal at high levels. When there is a buildup of smoke byproducts, twigs, animal nests, and even the animals themselves in your chimney, it compromises the chimney’s airflow. Without effective airflow, carbon monoxide can be pushed back into your home rather than exiting through the chimney.

    Increases Heating Efficiency

    When your chimney is clean, it will also help the wood in your fireplace burn more thoroughly and efficiently. If you haven’t had a chimney cleaning company come to your home in a while, the chimney is likely clogged and an insufficient amount of oxygen is reaching the burning wood. This decreases the heat of the burn and increases your heating bills.

    Makes it easier to inspect

    After cleaning, it will be easier for a chimney sweep company to do their necessary inspections. They will clean out the large soot and creosote buildup that can interfere with an inspection. These buildups can obscure the smoke shelf and damper, making it difficult to spot problems in their early stages.

    Avoids Chimney Fires

    A wood fire creates creosote, a substance that is sticky, concentrated, and highly flammable. Even a small amount of creosote can start a chimney fire. A little fire can result in significant damage to the inside of your chimney, which can mean disaster for your entire home.

    Even if you plan to switch from burning wood to using gas logs, make sure to schedule a chimney cleaning to remove the dangerous creosote.

    Keeps the Smoke Going in the Right Direction

    Just like carbon monoxide can back up in a dirty chimney and enter your home, smoke is the same. While you can see and smell the smoke, it doesn’t make it any less dangerous for your home or family. Inhaling smoke is neither pleasant nor safe, especially if you have kids. The incoming smoke and ash can also do damage to your furnishings, rugs, and clothing.

    Professional Chimney Cleaning Services

    Our procedures include the use of specialized vacuums, tarps, drop cloths, and shoe covers to ensure that your home stays clean. We guarantee a clean and thorough job every time.

    Since chimney cleaning is a dangerous task, it’s essential to choose a chimney sweep that is licensed, bonded, and insured.

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