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    Chimneys keep your homes warm. There is nothing cozier and more relaxing than sitting in front of the fire. That’s why it’s extremely important to ensure your chimney system is as safe as it can be.

    Let the experts from Ellicott Chimney Cleaning help you with your chimney cleaning needs. We have been servicing the Benson area’s residential chimneys for many years now. Our seasoned and highly trained chimney professionals can make it easy to maintain safer, cleaner, and more efficient homes by providing top to bottom cleaning.

    We specialize in several services designed to keep your family safe and your home in great working condition to prevent chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, chimney leaks, and other expensive and dangerous problems.

    Chimney Inspection Services

    Below are the different inspections we offer here at Ellicott Chimney Cleaning.

    First Level Inspection

    This inspection is not the best but it is a very common type of inspection. During this process, the entire chimney structure and accessible parts will be checked. This includes the joints, flue, crown, and interior walls of the entire chimney. The flue is checked for obstruction, and the type and amount of flammable deposits are identified.

    Second Level Inspection

    This is our most recommended type of inspection. According to NFPA, any change in fuel type, flue lining, or equipment replacement that uses fuel requires a Level Two inspection. At this stage, the inspector should gain access to various parts of the chimney structure through the roof, basement, attic, or crawler. Common hand tools and ladders are used to access and visualize difficult areas and use some specialized equipment such as video cameras.

    Third Level Inspection

    This inspection is necessary for inaccessible areas of the structure if potential hazards are suspected. Inaccessible areas are locations that are difficult to reach without any damage or removing parts of the chimney and are designed to reveal these hidden locations.

    A third-level inspection should be well-discussed with the owner before the performance.

    What are Some of the Common Chimney Problems?

    Below are some of the common chimney problems we usually encounter at Ellicott Chimney Cleaning.

    Blockage in the flue

    One of the common problems you may encounter is a blockage in the flue of the chimney. This blockage can cause debris from any material that has been displaced into the chimney or even due to the nesting of some birds. The smallest interruptions can cause problems in removing heat, smoke, and gases from your house

    Cracks in the Flue

    Chimney flue problems can be harmful. Some gases generated during a fire are quite corrosive and over time can damage the chimney duct and pose a risk of clogging, and even allow hazardous gases to enter the house. Make sure your chimney is inspected annually to ensure that it works properly.

    The Chimney Cap and Chimney Crown

    The chimney caps and crowns essentially form the chimney roof, which surrounds the chimney and prevents water and dirt from entering the chimney. In the event of cracks of flue or missing elements, the interior of the chimney may be damaged by water, and even the possibility of flue gas and heat coming out of the house through the chimney. The area also protects animals, rubbish and keeps bad weather out of flues.

    Benefits of a Chimney Sweep

    A chimney sweep is a reliable way to prevent a chimney fire

    Your chimney is a significant ventilation system that allows smoke, toxins, and dangerous fumes to escape the home. With a clean chimney, all these dangerous fumes can freely leave your house. With time, creosote appears in a dirty chimney. Creosote is a black, sticky residue that is left inside your chimney when the wood is burned or when there isn’t enough ventilation. The problem with creosote is that it’s highly flammable, making it one of the main causes of chimney fires.

    Birds are known to sometimes place their nests inside chimneys, the dry twigs, leaves, and debris can spark a devastating fire quite easily.

    A clean chimney also means a more effective heating system at home. With better ventilation, you need less fuel to have a warm and safe chimney fire.

    With better air circulation, you have a more efficient chimney at home. Sweeping your chimneys regularly can also prevent future damage that can be quite costly. Since soot accumulates around the flue, the grime prevents the flue from freely directing the smoke upwards. Subsequently, your furniture could be damaged by a layer of soot, and a black film could cover the hearth and around your chimney, staining it, making it almost impossible to remove.

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