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    When your chimneys are blocked, they can create serious problems. That’s why you need regular chimney maintenance. Ellicott Chimney Cleaning offers a wide range of chimney services to households throughout Woodstock, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. We are the trusted chimney doctor of the residents in the area.

    Our range of services includes chimney cleanings, chimney inspections, chimney repairs, chimney caps, and more. We have licensed and certified technicians who can handle the job right the first time.

    The Benefits of Chimney Caps

    The chimney cap on the top of your chimney is similar to the front door of your home. You wouldn’t leave the front door open at all times since it would be exposed to pests, wildlife, and inclement weather.

    The chimney cap performs essentially the same function for your home and fireplace as the front door to your house. Simply put, a chimney cap is essential to the proper working order of your entire chimney system.

    Below are the benefits of having chimney caps.

    Reduction of Moisture

    The chimney cap serves as an umbrella that keeps rain, snow, sleet, and hail from coming into your home through the chimney. Moisture rusts stainless steel liners, chimney dampers, and chimney mortar joints. At the same time, it also produces toxic mold and mildew.

    Restricts Animal Access

    Your chimney is a warm, out-of-the-wind dark place that is perfect to build a nest for birds, raccoons, and squirrels. Sometimes, wildlife goes into the chimney but can’t get out. If they die inside the chimney, there will be an extremely foul smell inside your home.

    Blocking of Downdrafts

    When the wind blows a strong draft down into your fireplace, you could have a smoke-filled living room. The chimney cap prevents windy downdrafts from blowing back into your home.

    Prevents Sparks and Embers

    The chimney cap helps prevent sparks from blowing out of the chimney and landing on the roof or some other area that could catch fire.

    Chimney Maintenance Tips

    Nothing is more comfortable than enjoying your fireplace on a cold winter night. It will keep you warm and looks stunningly beautiful. However, if you don’t follow a few chimney maintenance tips, your fireplace may be unsafe to use.

    Maintaining your fireplace and chimney is vital to keeping your home safe when using your fireplace. If you don’t give proper attention and cleaning, your house is susceptible to fires and water damage. Moreover, you can save money on your energy bills.

    Here are some chimney maintenance tips to help you ensure that your fireplace and chimneys are well taken care of and working properly. You don’t have to worry about anything because Ellicott Chimney Cleaning is here to help!

    Functioning Fireplace Damper

    The fireplace damper creates a huge difference in your home’s energy efficiency. When you’re not using your fireplace, the dampers should be closed to keep outside drafts from getting into your home through the chimney.

    When the damper isn’t closing, it’s going to reflect on your energy bills. It will be harder for your furnace or air conditioner to achieve your desired temperature since they’ll be constantly in battle with the drafts. They’ll end up using more power to heat or cool your home and your electric bills will increase significantly.

    Having your dampers fixed or replaced is important. When getting a replacement fireplace damper, make sure that it fits properly. It must be snug and not have any gaps.

    Waterproof Chimney

    The moisture and the elements can be major problems for your chimney. They can weaken the structural integrity of your chimney, cause mold and even damage the walls and floor around your fireplace. You’ll need to make sure your chimney waterproofing, chase cover, crown and flashing are all functioning properly.

    That’s why waterproofing your chimney is essential. Add a water sealant to the outside of your chimney to prevent moisture from breaking down the bricks and mortar from sneaking into your home.

    Regular Chimney Cleaning

    No matter what type of fireplace or chimney you have, you’ll need to have them clean to keep your home safe. While there’s no specific time to get your chimney cleaned, there are a few things to consider. The amount you use your fireplace will determine the frequency of your chimney cleaning.

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