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    A clean chimney is a safe home. The technicians at Ellicott Chimney Cleaning are proud to offer chimney cleaning services for residential areas throughout West Friendship, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. 

    With thorough inspections and extensive experience, you can rest assured that your chimney is working at its best and preventing nasty smells and toxic fumes from entering your home. Our specialists are more than just chimney cleaners. We provide chimney repairs and inspection with expertise.

    The Purpose of a Chimney

    Your chimney provides ventilation for your stove, furnace, and fireplace, ensuring products of combustion from these appliances don’t circulate back through your home or business. Some of the products of combustion include hazardous and noxious gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and smoke or soot. When these products escape into your home, they can raise various health and safety concerns.

    How Often Should You Have Your Chimney Cleaned?

    There are thousands of chimney fires every year in the United States alone, causing millions in property damage and sometimes even resulting in injury or other tragedy. One of the most common causes of chimney fires is creosote buildup.

    Creosote is a byproduct of wood burning that builds up inside your chimney. It contains tar and soot. The flammability of creosote is the reason why we recommend having your chimney serviced at least twice a year, especially when you are burning wood or bituminous housed coal and once per year when burning smokeless fuels.

    At Ellicott Chimney Cleaning, we can ensure your chimney is safe and healthy for your home through our thorough chimney inspection. Our professionals are here to give you the peace of mind of knowing you can safely use your fireplace.

    Thorough Chimney Inspections

    If you have plans on using your fireplace this winter or are going to use a fireplace for the first time, a chimney inspection is necessary. Old homes mean old chimneys that may have a dangerous buildup of ash and debris, not to mention animals that barged in your chimney.

    Ellicott Chimney Cleaning recommends chimney inspection once a year to ensure functionality and the health and safety of your family. Our reliable inspection services may reveal the need for chimney repairs or cleaning. When your chimney is clean, it keeps everyone safe and warm.

    Comprehensive Chimney Repairs

    There are several chimney repair options that we can apply if your chimney requires them. Relining occurs when the chimney flue or liner starts deteriorating. This creates a hazard in the use of your fireplace. Liners are a vital piece of the chimney puzzle since they channel heat and gases up through the top and block the heat from causing combustible materials around the chimney from catching fire.

    What are Some of the Most Common Chimney Issues?

    Below are some of the most common chimney issues that need to be addressed at various times.


    There are several forms of blockage aside from creosote. One of the most dangerous situations with chimneys is when a fireplace hasn’t been used in a long time and causes a blockage in the chimney system. It could be due to a bird’s nest, leaves, and other debris, or even masonry if a neglected chimney has deteriorated.

    Cracks in the Flue

    When a fireplace is initially built, it includes a chimney lining. The most economical and common type of lining is clay tile, which isn’t as durable as stainless steel lining. 

    Homeowners should be aware that chimney linings are subjected to a lot of heat and stress. If they are not made of steel, they often become damaged. 

    A damaged flue is dangerous, and a fireplace should not be used until your lining is replaced. When there are cracks, the heat from the fire can reach the combustible parts of the home and start a house fire. Furthermore, it can expose the household to dangerous gases including carbon monoxide.

    Chimney Crown and Chimney Cap

    These are your first line of defense against harsh outdoor elements. When either of these is damaged, moisture could enter your chimney and wreak all kinds of havoc causing your chimney to be unsafe to use.

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